Hello world. The store is officially open!

What a ride it has been, and this really is only the start. It's like celebrating that you made it to the start line, like qualifying for the Olympics, but you really have no idea where you're going to finish the competition. We could lose in heat 1, or make it to the podium. I'm hoping, and confident, it will be the latter.

There are tons of individuals and businesses to thank, but specifically I want to personally thank those who played a pivotal role in making it happen.

  1. Interior Designer, Amber Kingsnorth, and her team at MāK Interiors.
  2. Our millwork provider, JMV Woodworks.
  3. General contractor Peter Streiling, from Rockridge Fine Homes.

We couldn't be happier with the space :)

Please come check out the store; I think you'll be quite impressed as well.

Six Hundred Four - Gastown Shoe Gallery
101-123 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC