We’ve had a remarkable time with our first ever featured artist, Sean Karemaker, but the time has come to bid a “soft” farewell. Don’t worry, his collection is still available here on the site, and in our Sneaker Gallery, but be aware that inventory is getting low in some styles.

Sean now passes the torch to our next artist, Elyse Dodge, an exceptional multi-faceted creative from Vancouver. Elyse’s art piece is as bright as her smile, featuring a geometric deconstruction of the beacon of Whistler, Black Tusk. To nobody’s surprise, her art piece has already been adorned by countless guests visiting the gallery.

Equally impressive is this beautiful film story of Elyse produced by our friends at Timelapse. You owe it to yourself to watch the full five minute tribute.



Elyse will be joining us at our Sneaker Gallery this Thursday evening (Mar 23rd, 7-10pm) for her official artist night. Guests will receive a limited edition signed "Elevation" print ($75 value; see top image) with any shoe purchase made that night. Additionally, every person who attends and follows Six Hundred Four and Elyse Dodge Art will be put into a draw to WIN a painting! The winner will be notified on Elyse's Facebook page on Friday, March 24th.

If you're interested in attending, please indicate on our Facebook Event Page, or email us at info@sixhundredfour.com. We're hoping to see you there :)

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