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Elyse Dodge

Elyse Dodge

Elyse's painting, titled "Elevation", is her own colour-filled geometric representation of Black Tusk Mountain near Whistler. If your sneaker game is flat, any pair in her collection will elevate it.

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About Elyse

As somebody who was raised with a pencil in hand by an artist and a builder who told her that she could solve any problem with enough ingenuity and vision, Elyse Dodge is a true product of her upbringing. Through this Elyse sees the world in a different lens, one that is made up of layers, forms, shadows, and light. It is her fascination with light, colour, and natural landscapes that motivates her to continue creating art while merging different artistic disciplines. Elyse's goal for each of her acrylic paintings is to portray an unforgettable euphoric moment captured in time.

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