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Jennifer Sparacino

Jennifer Sparacino

"The Long Winter" by Jennifer Sparacino is one of our more eye-catching pieces. As they say, never stare a bear in the eye and don't stare at people's feet. If you see somebody wearing the shoes below, well, you may have a challenge on your hands.

Video: In Their Shoes with Jennifer Sparacino

About Jennifer

Jennifer Sparacino has been drawing ever since she could remember. Her early childhood inspiration came mostly from watching cartoons and animated movies, leading her to recreate the characters in sketchbooks. This eventually evolved into her drawing objects she saw around her, as well as developing characters of her own. Having spent much of her youth outdoors, Jennifer developed a deep love for nature, and as so, it is no surprise she paints what she does.

Jennifer considers her style to be mostly representational and expressionistic. She loves using colour and lines to convey emotion. She hints at reality while expressing her own visual interpretation of her subjects, which are primarily wildlife or nature-based.

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