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Kari Kristensen

Kari Kristensen

Kari is best known for her linocut printmaking, which involves carving her design out of a linoleum sheet, which in turn becomes a printing plate in a printing press. To best embody her work we created two colourways that are laser-etched to mimic the carving aspect, and then two colourways that are printed in the exact same colour as her prints, navy and black.

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About Kari

Kari Kristensen is a contemporary Canadian artist living in Vancouver, BC. Born and raised in Dutton Ontario, Kari is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she studied Art History and Classical Studies. Both disciplines inform her work in equal measure, and she also credits her close proximity to the London Regionalism movement and the McMichael Gallery as major artistic influences. After moving to Vancouver Kari belonged to a printmaking collective on Granville Island prior to establishing her practice in the historic 1000 Parker Street building.

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We partner with artists, turning their original work into 604 pairs of premium limited edition sneakers.

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