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Patrick Bravo

Patrick Bravo

Fittingly, this is one of our most colourful and playful collections, as Patrick's style of art dances between the fine lines of childhood and adulthood, where art and life merge together. All four colourways also glow in the dark, which is fun no matter how old you are.

Video: In Their Shoes with Patrick James Bravo

About Patrick

Patrick James Bravo has always allowed his creativity to present itself freely through all forms of mediums, ranging from sticks and pinecones to paper and crayons. He believes the artist in him is like an inner compass, always pointing him in the direction of what he calls colourful interaction. It is also his belief that being an inspired artist means having the ability to challenge an audience to observe and become aware of their own feelings when they encounter his art.

Patrick describes his colourful and whimsical art as being in constant motion, much like a Rubik’s cube where the user keeps changing its rotation until they find a pleasant combination before starting over again. He sums up his art as a practice of play between the fine lines of childhood and adulthood, where art and life merge together. His goal is to express the mix of the freedom and carelessness of his inner child with the artist he has become, and to engage playfully with his audience in an attempt to interrupt routines, help create moments of childhood recollection or gleeful emotions, to make them smile.

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