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Sean Karemaker

Sean Karemaker

Sean's comic scroll art is like Where's Waldo, but it's Where's Sean. Oh, he's in there, along with creepy ghosts, a pie throwing madwoman, masked archers, children dangling from rooftops, left handed banjo playing hillbillies, astronauts, and 47 other odd characters. We'll let you find the rest.

Video: In Their Shoes with Sean Karemaker

About Sean

Sean grew up in a small, rural town on Vancouver Island, but now resides in bustling Vancouver, BC. Admittedly introverted as a kid, he developed a healthy obsession of reading and writing comics, which led him to build a little art studio out of his own closet. From there, he never looked back. He describes his style as heavy-handed and emotionally driven, with personal narrative being a common element. Sean has developed a strong reputation in the artist community, especially since releasing a well-reviewed comic book in 2016. His full body of work features diorama sculptures, comics, scrolls and paintings.

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