Carson Ting

the artist

Carson Ting is an award winning art director and illustrator that has worked in the advertising business for over 18 years. He began his career in Toronto after earning a Bachelor of Design degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design and has worked on brands such as Lexus, Sony, Honda, Vespa, Nike, Science World, Goodyear and more. His work has been recognized internationally at Cannes, One Show, London International Advertising Awards, New York Festivals, Communications Arts, Marketing Awards, ADCC, Lotus Awards, Applied Arts and more.


the art piece

Titled "Pacific North Weave", the illustration cleverly weaves recognizable Vancouver landmarks together creating an inception-like landscape. As Carson puts it, "From afar it almost looks like a fabric, but up close you can see all the individual landmarks."

Not only is this this a co-collaboration with Vancouver-based car share company, Evo, but the art resides in two places, each with original renditions. The featured piece is a mural located only steps from our store and the in-store original "replica" is located, you guessed it, in our store at 151 Cambie St.

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