Elyse Dodge

the artist

As somebody who was raised with a pencil in hand by an artist and a builder who told her that she could solve any problem with enough ingenuity and vision, Elyse Dodge is a true product of her upbringing. Through this Elyse sees the world in a different lens, one that is made up of layers, forms, shadows, and light. It is her fascination with light, colour, and natural landscapes that motivates her to continue creating art while merging different artistic disciplines. Elyse's goal for each of her acrylic paintings is to portray an unforgettable euphoric moment captured in time.


the art piece

The painting Elyse created for Six Hundred Four, titled "Elevation" for its dual meaning of being up in the mountains above sea level, and of the emotional feeling of being lifted up, is the artist's own representation of the Garibaldi Provincial Park landscape. The geometric shapes that make up the scenery are the result of Elyse's deconstruction of the formation of Black Tusk, which to her is the symbolism of the beacon of Whistler, of West Coast exploration, of outdoor adventures, and of shifting mindsets. The abstract forms and colours illustrate the layers and fragments of the earth pushing together to form the volcanic mountain.

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the charity

Elyse has chosen ArtStarts in Schools, a local not-for-profit organization that provides leadership in advocacy for arts in education across British Columbia. ArtStarts focuses on promoting art and creativity among the younger crowd regardless of their socio-economic status to help them in becoming innovative contributing members of our society. This charitable organization is important to Elyse mainly due to her own immersion in the arts from a very young age, right alongside her siblings. She believes that the creative problem-solving and inventive mindset they had picked up since childhood played a big part in her and her siblings' successes as adults. She wishes for more children to grow up in environments that recognize and advocate the importance of the arts.