Jennifer Sparacino

the artist

Jennifer Sparacino has been drawing ever since she could remember. Her early childhood inspiration came mostly from watching cartoons and animated movies, leading her to recreate the characters in sketchbooks. This eventually evolved into her drawing objects she saw around her, as well as developing characters of her own. Having spent much of her youth outdoors, Jennifer developed a deep love for nature, and as so, it is no surprise she paints what she does.

Jennifer considers her style to be mostly representational and expressionistic. She loves using colour and lines to convey emotion. She hints at reality while expressing her own visual interpretation of her subjects, which are primarily wildlife or nature-based.


the art piece

Jennifer believes the grizzly bear is the king of the woods, admiring the animal’s strength and ability to go after one's goals. She chose the grizzly as her subject for The Long Winter because she feels that it not only falls in line with Six Hundred Four’s vision, but is also a great representation of her own vision as an artist.

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the charity

As her charity of choice, Jennifer has selected the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the country’s leading private non-profit land conservation organization that works to protect ecologically-significant land from coast to coast. She sincerely appreciates the organization’s vision to protect and conserve our natural wild spaces for future generations (of humans as well as other species) to enjoy and thrive in. She firmly believes that keeping large areas of Canada truly 'wild and free' is critical for ecological health as well as the health of the human mind and spirit.