Joanne Hastie

the artist

Joanne Hastie has always connected with people through her artwork, whether through a school or work project, or through her personal artwork. She's inspired when painting landscapes and cityscapes, especially when she shares her work at art shows. Complete strangers approach and swap detailed stories with her just from an obscure memory recalled by looking at a scene she had painted. To Joanne, art can uniquely connect humans together.

Joanne’s work focuses on landscapes and cityscapes. She regularly paints images of places she has been as they become settings for her memories and essentially who she is as a person. Her process consists of layering many brushstrokes of acrylic paints and glazes until the subject begins to look familiar. The artist’s most recent pieces are of local Vancouver scenes and scenes from her travels in Italy.


the art piece

The idea for Joanne's art piece Overlooking the City came about when she was painting tower views from her trips to Italy, inspiring her to create one from the iconic Vancouver lookout at Harbour Centre. She noticed that tourists often make a point to go up to high lookout areas to take in the views, but rarely do so back home. Her rendition illustrates the popular overlooking view of Vancouver for tourists that is often overlooked from a local’s perspective.

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the charity

For her charity, Joanne has chosen the Crisis Centre of British Columbiaa non-profit volunteer organization committed to helping people deal with emotional crises. They've provide support for all types of people - youth, adults and seniors - since 1969. Operating with only a small staff, the Centre relies on over 450 frontline volunteers to provide education and training aimed at fostering resiliency and building capacity to respond to crisis and suicide.