L.J. Throstle

the artist

L.J. Throstle, aka Lucy Price, was born in Newcastle, UK and became an artist because her friends absolutely loved her "casual" work. After travelling in Europe, North Africa and North America she is now permanently settled and working in East Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Lucy’s style developed from pen and ink drawings to a more precise method that emphasizes the many layers of light that can be identified in photographic images. In her stencil work Lucy uses rich background colours to contrast the predominantly monochrome palette of her subjects. Inspired by graffiti and pop art, she recently began working with mixed media, with her work being recognized by the Federation of Canadian Artists. All her work is representational, built layer by layer using single use stencils and acrylic spray paint.

the artpiece

Lucy’s art piece for Six Hundred Four, named Big Red, was inspired by her constant interest in Canadian creatures. Lucy can often be found at Vancouver Aquarium investigating sea creatures of the local waters, given that we have what she believes is the best scuba diving in the world right at our doorstep. Giant Pacific Octopuses, with their ability to change colours and squeeze into small and tight spaces, have always been a source of fascination for her. They have a mythical, monster-like quality. Seeing that these majestic animals are found right in her backyard, the octopus was a perfect fit for her art piece.

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the charity

For her charity of choice, Lucy has selected the Saint James Music Academy, an organization that hits close to her heart and that she’s actively a part of. They teach music and provide meals for urban youths coming from low-income families, who would not otherwise have access to music lessons. Lucy plays with the academy once per week and sees how positive the environment is for the kids. Growing up as a shy kid herself, learning to play the clarinet and saxophone in groups was something she really enjoyed, and the academy also provided a safe space to help her become a more confident person. She believes that a lot of children can benefit from the experience, not only in learning musical skills but also in the growing of self-confidence.