Paint the Town Blue

What is "Paint the Town Blue"?


It's a Gastown street party that celebrates the unveiling of a new mural and sneaker collaboration. Yes, we've (we being Six Hundred Four) turned a mural into a collection of shoes! Well, we're about to at least. The party will take place outside our store at 151 Cambie St on Thursday, Sep 20, from 4-7pm.

Those that cannot make it to the event will be able to reserve their limited edition pair online starting at 4pm, and will still be eligible for the free mini-sneaker (see below).


It's actually a three-way collaboration. The artist? Well-known Vancouver-based illustrator, Carson Ting (shown below, painting the in-store replica original). The other collaborator? Local car share brand, Evo. Together we're doing something that nobody's done before - turn a local mural into a limited collection of shoes.


The mural, which will be located in the heart of Gastown, will depict an Inception-like Vancouver that’s packed with Vancouver landmarks, all done in a similar aesthetic to Evo’s branding. To avoid any obvious marketing, the mural itself will be black and white. #nofuncouver Here's a mock up:


The shoes and the in-store replica art piece, however, include small areas that are filled with Evo-blue. Here's a preview of the limited collection of shoes:


Event guests will have the opportunity to reserve their limited edition pair at a discounted pre-order price of $50 off. Plus, the first 20 customers to order will receive an exclusively numbered and signed “laser-etched-mini-sneaker-mirror hanger”, hand painted by Carson in “Evo-blue”. Online customers will be eligible as well.


There will also be a free tote screen printing station, where participants will be able to screen print a section of the art piece onto their bags and then customize them with “Evo-blue” paint as they see fit. Best design gets a free car! Not really, but you'll get some street credit for sure.

Other highlights include a live DJ, free appetizers provided by Fresh Prep and The Juice Truck, and Steamworks beer available for purchase within the Six Hundred Four store premises.



You may recognize the totem pole as the Rose Cole Yelton Totem Pole that is found in Stanley Park. The pole commemorates Rose Cole Yelton, who was one of the last residents of the Brockton Point community. Graciously, Robert Yelton, who carved the original pole, has given us permission to use the pole as you see it in the art piece.


Fresh Prep was started in the Winter of 2014 by childhood friends Becky Switzer, Dhruv Sood and Husein Rahemtulla who were all in search of an easier answer to the question “what’s for dinner?” For busy people they found there were too many obstacles to cooking a wholesome meal at home and that made it all too appealing to just grab fast food instead. They figured there had to be a better option and that’s why they started Fresh Prep.

With Fresh Prep you just click and cook. It’s gone from dream to reality and we’re on a mission to share this great solution with all of Vancouver, and to do it in an honest and sustainable way.

In 1995, Steamworks first took hold of their historic, Gastown brewpub location, only to discover the building had a rare steam heating system - a remnant from forward thinkers of a century past. Deep within the building’s core they found a network of underground steam pipes – the same pipes that run through Gastown’s historic steam clock. Intrigued by the concept of direct steam powered brewing, something the brewmaster had only read of but never seen, they ventured forth and to create a one-of-a-kind steam fired brewery; the first in Canada. To their delight, they found test brews to be distinctively fresh and flavourful.

For nearly 25 years, beer aficionados have traveled to Steamworks famous brewpub to savor these unconventional and award winning brews. In 2012, Steamworks proudly launched their packaged products, adorned with distinctly whimsical branding and filled with delicious steam brewed craft beer. Under the auspices of brewmaster Julia Hanlon and her brew team, Steamworks continue to produce the finest quality craft beers such as their Flagship IPA which was awarded ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best IPA’ at the 2016 BC Brewing Awards.

Today the “little brewery that grew” sells bottles, tall cans, bombers and kegs throughout B.C., several Canadian provinces and U.S. states, central Europe and Hong Kong. All the while, still brewing with the power of steam.