Patrick James Bravo

the artist

Patrick James Bravo has always allowed his creativity to present itself freely through all forms of mediums, ranging from sticks and pinecones to paper and crayons. He believes the artist in him is like an inner compass, always pointing him in the direction of what he calls colourful interaction. It is also his belief that being an inspired artist means having the ability to challenge an audience to observe and become aware of their own feelings when they encounter his art.

Patrick describes his colourful and whimsical art as being in constant motion, much like a Rubik’s cube where the user keeps changing its rotation until they find a pleasant combination before starting over again. He sums up his art as a practice of play between the fine lines of childhood and adulthood, where art and life merge together. His goal is to express the mix of the freedom and carelessness of his inner child with the artist he has become, and to engage playfully with his audience in an attempt to interrupt routines, help create moments of childhood recollection or gleeful emotions, to make them smile.

the art piece

To Patrick, it was not just about creating a painting when coming up with an art piece for Six Hundred Four. Being involved in the shoe designing process itself, he saw the opportunity to work past a two-dimensional canvas, observing the sculptural forms of the shoes as well as their materiality, taking into consideration that whomever wears his art might also have his sense of playfulness, his background in design repetition, or his skateboarding youth.

Steven’s Facets stemmed from the concept patterns and colours that Patrick has been working with for years. He played with the idea of combining different colour formats, namely screen colours versus printed colours. The final art piece is also spread across the four different shoe styles, which when placed together reveals the full art piece. As if that wasn't enough, the art and the shoes glow in the dark!

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the charity

The Vancouver International Children's Festival is the charity that Patrick has chosen. They inspire and motivate young minds through artistic experiences that transform a child's understanding of the world around them. The annual festival in Vancouver is recognized internationally for creating a unique and diverse celebration of arts for children and adults. Seeing that Patrick's art is playful and young, the Festival really is a perfect fit.