Pierce Jordan

the artist

Becoming an artist and designer was never a conscious decision for Pierce Jordan, it naturally came to be. Growing up in the Vancouver area, his talent grew as he continually built and created things he loved. He describes his work as encompassing the dualities and juxtapositions of nature and technology, and how they interact in similarities and differences through ambiance, colour, and structure.


the art piece

As a designer, Pierce couldn't ignore the fact that the art he would create for Six Hundred Four would be adorned to wearable materials. This played a huge role in his creation process for Perceptual Plains, a geometric painted plank of wood. He instantly thought about how colours and lines could interact in the most interesting ways for the final shoe designs. His piece is an abstract balance of shape and colour, challenging the viewer's perceptions and perceived notions.

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the charity

Pierce has selected Sole Food Street Farms as his charity of choice. Sole Food transforms contaminated urban land into artisan-quality street farms growing fruits and vegetables. It is now North America's largest urban street farm project. Further, the organization empowers many individuals with limited resources who are managing addictions and chronic mental health problems.