Sean Karemaker


the artist

Sean grew up in a small, rural town on Vancouver Island, but now resides in bustling Vancouver, BC. Admittedly introverted as a kid, he developed a healthy obsession of reading and writing comics, which led him to build a little art studio out of his own closet. From there, he never looked back. He describes his style as heavy-handed and emotionally driven, with personal narrative being a common element. Sean has developed a strong reputation in the artist community, especially since releasing a well-reviewed comic book in 2016. His full body of work features diorama sculptures, comics, scrolls and paintings.


the art piece

For Six Hundred Four, using an ink on paper style, Sean created a seven foot scroll named Let Us Run. It's about the vitality of youth and imagination, rendering characters that are part of Sean's own mythology woven in with the familiar cityscape of Vancouver.

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the charity

Sean has chosen the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre (DEWC) as his charity. The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver is sadly notorious for being a pretty rough place, in particular for women. Sean believes that these women should have a safe place of their own to learn, grow, and be empowered. It is hard to ignore that these women are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, injustice, and injury. The DEWC provides refuge and shelter for these women to not just have access to basic necessities, but also to help reduce effects of economic disadvantage so that they can feel less restricted to be ambitious and creative.