one simple principle

At Six Hundred Four, we live by one simple principle: shoes are more than just shoes; they're a story-telling piece of art. Like an awe-inspiring art piece, we want our story to be told because of the emotion it evokes. When these stories are shared everybody wins, with no bigger winner than the charities we donate to.

the art

We partner with talented Vancouver artists to create meaningful original art pieces, that we then digitally print onto our shoes in unique ways. Each artist is fairly compensated through an up front payment and commissions on shoe sales.

strictly limited edition

Each artist is featured on a total of 604 pairs, spread across four styles. Every pair is laser-engraved on the side of the right sole with a unique identification number specific to that one pair. For example, "016.109.604" denotes pair #16 of 109 made in that exact style, of 604 total made by that artist.


Contrary to other luxury brands, we don't shy away from philanthropy. We donate 6.04% of each sale to a charity of the artist’s choice. Roughly $10,000 is donated for each artist we partner with.


commitment to quality

We go through an extensive development process, sourcing the best quality materials from around the world. Every pair is hand crafted with careful precision.

exclusive value

Our shoes are available for purchase exclusively from our webstore and our flagship store (aka "Sneaker Gallery") located next to the steam clock in Vancouver at 123 Cambie St. This ensures that our customers receive the best price possible, without any inflated wholesale-to-retail markup. The Sneaker Gallery is open from 11-7 everyday.