Press Release - The World's First VR Sneaker Store

The World's First VR Sneaker Store - And it Doesn't Require a Headset

Vancouver, Canada – April 26, 2018

Six Hundred Four, a new sneaker brand that creates shoes based off commissioned art pieces, recently launched the world's first VR sneaker store that harmoniously merges VR and e-commerce. It allows virtual visitors to conveniently stroll around their flagship store, viewing the original art pieces while effortlessly adding shoes to their shopping cart. The best part – it doesn’t require a headset.

James Lepp, the founder of Six Hundred Four, explains, “Typical VR experiences are limiting because they require a headset. You can't type with a headset, and frankly, most people don't even have one. We didn’t want to have those constraints. Instead, our experience can be used anywhere, any time, on any device.” In fact, if you're reading this, you can experience it right now.

Six Hundred Four’s retail space is both an art gallery and a shoe store, coined as a “Sneaker Gallery”. Naturally this arrangement produces a minimalist aesthetic that makes it ideal for this type of platform, allowing visitors to engage with the space with tremendous ease.

According to Lepp, communicating Six Hundred Four’s business model to in-store visitors is a breeze; to online visitors, not so much. “You won’t find a brand like ours anywhere else in the world, so the concept is new to all of our visitors. In the store, we can enlighten you as we guide you around. Online, however, it hasn’t been so easy. With this virtual store, online visitors will gain much more insight into what we do. At least that's the hope.”

There's even a little "Easter Egg" within the virtual store that gives visitors an exclusive discount. For a clue, Lepp advises that, "if guests click with Six Hundred Four, they'll find it."

Six Hundred Four partnered with Method Visual on the project, a leader in 360 photography and VR. Tim Enos, owner of Method Visual, asserts that, “What’s most exciting is that nearly everybody can experience it right now, with practically no learning curve. It’s intuitive, clean, user-friendly, and this is just the start.”

Both Lepp and Enos plan on improving the technology as more people start adopting VR into the future. While they won’t discuss specifics, it’s safe to say that the experience will only be enhanced as both companies grow. “Our plan is to open up real galleries all over the world,” explains Lepp, “but depending on where VR goes, maybe it will be more virtual galleries instead of physical ones.”

You can check out Six Hundred Four’s virtual store here:

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View of Six Hundred Four Sneaker Gallery

View of Six Hundred Four Sneaker Gallery

Above image: Founder of Six Hundred Four, James Lepp