Virtual Store Special

Congrats on finding this little Easter Egg hidden in our Virtual Store. For a limited time you can use the following discount code on any pair of shoes (pre-order shoes are excluded).


Simply input the code at checkout to apply the discount


At Six Hundred Four, we live by one simple principle: shoes can be shoes; or they can be a storytelling piece of art.


We commission talented artists to create original art pieces, that we then digitally print onto our shoes using specialized printers.


Each artist is featured on a total of 604 pairs, spread across four colourways, meaning we only make on average 151 pairs in each colourway. Every pair is laser-engraved on the right sole with a unique identification number specific to that one pair. In the example below, "016.109.604" denotes pair #16 of 109 made in that colourway, of 604 total pairs in that artist's collection.


Contrary to other premium sneaker brands, we don't shy away from giving back. We donate 6.04% of each sale to a charity of the artist’s choice. Roughly $10,000 is donated for each artist we partner with.


We go through an extensive development process, sourcing the best quality materials from around the world. Every pair is hand crafted with careful precision.


The original art pieces, along with their shoes, are all on display at our flagship store (aka "Sneaker Gallery") located in Vancouver at 151 Cambie St. The Sneaker Gallery is open from 11-7 every day.