You Choose How To Help


We're doing what we can, and since our store was forced to close on March 17, that means an online promotion that can hopefully help. If you could use a 50% discount right now, we want you to take it. No questions asked. If you have the opportunity to give, then we ask that you give with us.

This is how it works:

  1. If you prefer to receive a 50% discount, use promo code "50forMe".
  2. If you would rather donate 50%, do not use any promo code, and we'll donate 50% of the order value to the Emergency Response Fund from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

It's that simple. The only stipulation is that the offer is restricted to shoes. And we're really not too sure how long the promotion will last. Hopefully not too long, for all of us.

Stay safe out there.