SKYE Lons - Storm Grey

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From our friends at SKYE Footwear, the Lons is a marine classic for modern urbanites. Cool and casual. Great for boardwalks, top decks, and beach indulgence. Pairs perfectly with your closet-country-club get-up, your yacht ensemble, or easily with high-ankle denim or dungarees.

- fits true to size
- machine washable (take out insole before; air dry after)
- extremely lightweight
- completely vegan

SKYE Impact + Rebound Insole

It's like a gel bed with a rebounder.

SKYE Impact is a built-in deep gel heel cup for impact absorption in the heel strike zone, for happy ankles. And SKYE Rebound is engineered with a springy gel to keep a natural bounce in your step, for happy walking.

The mid-arch is crafted for smart responsive anatomical support, making for stress-free feet and euphoric legs. And there’s an anti-stink layer to prevent the growth of odour‑causing bacteria.

Nose and knee gratitude aplenty.

SKYE Foam Outsole

It's the ground warrior.

The midsole is SKYE's ultra-soft, shock-absorbing foam rubber base; their own patent pending design. The pillow-like EVA cushion compresses with every step and reforms back to full shape for seamlessly soft heel‑to‑toe movements.

And it’s super light. Like walking on air.

The Loop-Lok

Inspired by SUPing.

SKYE's patent-pending Loop-Lok means a snug laceless fit around your foot, inspired by West Coast watersports like stand-up paddleboarding. The bungee cables loop and gently lock across the upper mid-foot, like a good hug.

You never need to tie a knot.

4-way Stretch Upper

The form-fitter.

The material-mix for the shape-fit upper gives true 4-way stretch for a premium form-fit feeling. The breezy breathable fabric feels like air to the toes, while the microfiber structure retains strength and support in its grip.

Feet still think they’re naked.